Things Dentist Has To Do To Get People To Smile

Put on a happy face. Smile awhile. You smile and the world smiles with you. Is it not amazing what a difference just one positive person can make? He or she is always able to find a reason to smile. But no matter how positive the outlook, that famous flashy smile is not always reciprocated. You wonder why. The positive person is not altogether worried whether it has something to do with what he said.

He is not worried about his actions either. Speaking of which, positively speaking of course, this is a man or gal who probably brushed his teeth this morning. In spite of the fact that he was raring to go and could not wait to get out of the front door, he did not forget to floss or gargle either. Speaking of which, he did not forget his next dentist coral springs appointment either. He re-checked his diary. He brushed his teeth.

But only after he had his full breakfast, still the most important meal of the day. He did not forget to pack in his healthy lunch either. Good for his health. And good for his teeth and gums as well. Why is he going to the dentist? No, there are no serious issues, thank goodness for that. It’s just that he is going in for his quarterly dental exam. He decides to go a tad further that the American Dental Association recommendation of going to see the dentist at least twice a day.

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Confident in his own abilities and able to view all challenges with a sense of humor, he might also know why some of the folks he meets and greets are not smiling so broadly the way he does.