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"...Then he made me dress up like a little girl (white knee sox, plaid short jumper, you know) and call him "daddy". He used to like it when I'd sit on his lap and tell him I wanted to suck on his "candy". It was pretty weird, but I got to like it. One time he made me..." - Staci

"...I'd never tasted another girl's pussy before and it was GREAT! I licked her for about an hour straight! She made so much noise I thought for sure the other inmates would hear what we were doing and call the block warden..." - Tasha

"...My step mother used to make me take down my underpants, then lay down on the bed in front of her and spread my legs. She would then lubricate a finger and insert it into my anus, making me masturbate my cock and promise I'd behave when company was around..." - Jason

"...I really dig a bitch with a big hairy pussy, ya' know? Big bush and full rubbery lips. Older sluts have the best cunts, nice full piss flaps and a giant clit to suck on. Fucking 'a' hot! I used to..." - Mark

"...and then he forced my head down between his legs and jammed his cock into my mouth. I was crying and telling him to stop but he just started pushing my head up and down faster and faster. I never told anyone this, but I started to get really turned on. Funny, I remember thinking I'd never suck a black man's cock and here I was...." - Leanne

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